So I would really like to use Python to play some sound files -- it doesn't particularly matter what format, as they're just going to be basic "ping" type noises. However, it seems like whatever advice I find doesn't work out for my situation -- most modules seem to be Windows only (I use a Mac). I read about the use of pygame, but I can't seem to install that with my current version of Python (2.5).

What would you recommend? Should I uninstall Python and go down to 2.4 to get pygame to work? Or is there another module I can download easily? Cross-platform is a must...

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Okay, so after some looking, I discovered tkSnack, which seems like it will be a great module for me. The only problem? The installation notes are completely cryptic to me. I tried a few things (like python install ), but I'm basically fumbling in the dark. The module doesn't work at all.

Can anyone help?

Hmm, thanks vegaseat. This could be good, although all my experience thus far is with Tkinter.

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