I've recently wrote some code to update an inventory table within a database. The program works great; the problem is that many machines access this database at any given time, and I'm concerned that at one point my program will not be able to update the table because of too much traffic. Is this even possible? This data is very critical and I must make sure that this information is updated when needed. If so, is there some sort of return value that can be sent back to VB6 confirming the save data.

Please help me understand this further, I'm fairly new communicating with MS Access remotely.


1. if there is problem in storing the data then vb will generate an error.
2. if you want to be sure then "read" the value from MSACCESS with another recordset or ADO or (even with another connection) and check if this is the same.

please elaborate your difficulty elaborately in order to assist you.

give me the exact error or difficulty.

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