can anyone tell me the difference between visual c++ express edition and visual c++ .net? It would apear that they are the same. Both seems to use the dot net framework. Are there any significant differences? And also how do they differ from other types of c++ such as ansi c++ and visual C++ 6.0?

also how compattible are they? If you write a program in one type of c++ can it be used on most others without having to rewrite large sections of code?

And finally which one is best for developing games.

First and foremost, C++ is a language and Visual C++ is a tool for writing in C++. The difference Visual C++'s are different versions of the tool. VC++ 6 is the oldest version you mentioned, then VC++.NET, then VC++ 2005 Express.

Don't use VC++ 6. It has bad C++ conformance, so good C++ code may not compile on it and any workarounds you use may not work on better compilers. You should be using VC++ 2005 Express because it also supports the .NET 2.0 framwork rather than just 1.1. But if you're using straight C++, you won't be taking advantage of .NET anytime soon.

And as always the level of work required to port between compilers depends on the amount of code you write that's dependent on compiler specific functionality and libraries rather than on the compilers themselves.

And yes, it's good for games. But given your level of understanding you're not.

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