Hi all,

I have trouble with creating Windows Service serving as COM server
I have created Service Application and com object in it, register and start it

when i try to create com from client app - a new process of service is started.
Question is: how do i avoid the start of new process, i want the process of service to be used.

I have also tried to create ordinary application and com object in it. When i start the application it serves as com server and when i create com from client application - no new processes are started and com object can access resources within com server.

how do i do that using windows service?


I've explored these tutorials and articles from delphi.about.com before posting here
what i found was svcom component, but it is not a solution for me

I've found the solution:

  1. we have to create service application and com object in it as I have done before
  2. install service: serviceApp.exe /install
  4. And add a new string value LocalService=NameOfYourService
  5. Run DCOMCNFG in the tree on the left select: console root->computers->my computer->DCOM Config->object_or_service_name and click properties
  6. in location tab check "Run Application on this computer" and uncheck all others
  7. in Security tab ensure that Launch and Activation Permissions and Access Permissions has included user called INTERACTIVE
  8. write client application and test it

thats all :)

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