pliz assist in showing how to link visual basic 6.0 and ms access following all the correct procedures. i have used data 1 for linking but still not working.tell me how to link vb with access

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first u need to configure the data1 control.do these :-

1.open data1 properties.
2.click ... button next to the property database name.
3.locate and select ur access database.
4.scroll down and select recordsource property.
5.select the table from the dropdown list with which u want to link ur vb program.
6.create controls such as textbox on the form on which u want to show data from corresponding fields of the table.
7.select a control and open its properties.
8.select datasource and make it to data1 or whatever ur control name is.
9.select datafield and select the field whose value u want to show in that particular control.
10.run the program and use the navigation buttons on the data control. ur program should now work.


thanx for your message but still have tried that produre but it doesn't work.kindly assist with your e-mail address i post the codes plus the ms access tables


The proceedure for Data Link is fully explained in the book 'Database Programming with Visual Basic 6' by Evangelos Petroutsos. SYBEX inc. USA is the Publisher.

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