I was wondering, how to use python in Visual Studio.NET or Sharp Develop ?? free software i hope :)

Writting GUI is great when it's just drag & drop .

Thanks in advance.

If you use wxPython for a GUI toolkit, you can get Boa Constructor. A Delphi like visual interface to do drag and drop frame building.

Free downlod from:

The installer for Windows:

There is also a forum:

Boa Constructor needs wxPython. It actually makes a great general IDE for all Python programming.

Microsoft does not like Python, they have meddled a little with IronPython (a pot of dung IMHO), but don't expect any support from them. I think in their narrow mindset they associate Python with Google.

The closest thing SharpDevelop will work with is the python-like Boo language that uses C# to compile.