i'm taking my first class in linux and i am working on a script that will display 3 random number and display amount of jackpot, the script should act like a "slot amchine game". I have two problem one is the statement "You are a loser" is diaply even when the number is a match and should be diplayed only if not match (I can not get the "You won" to diplay) the second problem is that the Jackpot keeps display 25 and is not increasing.
Any help would be great.


#This is a slot machine game that uses 3 random to generate a winner or loser, it also display the jackpot amount.

#! bin/bash
rand1=$(($RANDOM % 6)) #Generate the random numbers
rand2=$(($RANDOM % 6))
rand3=$(($RANDOM % 6))
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
echo "THE JACKPOT IS:" $((total = total + 25)) #Display the JACKPOT AMOUNT
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
echo "YOUR NUMBERS ARE:" "[$rand1]" "[$rand2]" "[$rand3]" #Display random number
#echo "THE JACKPOT IS:" $((tota1 = total + 25))
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
echo ""
if test [rand1 = rand2] && [rand2 = rand3] #Test for winner and loser
echo "YOU WON"
echo ""
echo ""

Unfortunately, I need to rearrange the partitions on my laptop so that I can boot linux so I can't test your script out, but...

You might want to check out this for some tips on using the $RANDOM variable:
Getting Random Values in sh. [linuxgazette.net.]

You might want to change this:

if test [rand1 = rand2] && [rand2 = rand3]

to this:

if [$rand1 -eq $rand2] && [$rand2 -eq $rand3];

The test command and the symbol [ are the same.

Just a side note: You may want check on your coding style or lack there of. Indenting really helps debugging. I commend you on your documentation. Even though it is a pain, commenting helps tremendously when debugging; especially when it is three o'clock in the morning and you've staring at the code since one o'clock that afternoon, or when I have to come in after to to fix something. =8)