Hello there, I've been googling around about the definition of SPTI (SCSI Pass-Through Interface). It is somehow related to c++ since it is use to manipulate a drive using the c++ language. Is someone here knows the definition of SPTI, or simply explain to me briefly what it does. Thank you.

I don't know how to use it but it is definitely not c++ language related (that is, it is not part of the c++ language). It is just a method of communicating with scsi drives, as short of explained here..

Oh I see, I'm sorry if I posted the thread here. Because I really don't know specifically it implies so I assumed that it is somehow related to c++. Thank you.

It is posted in the correct board, but the c++ language itself does not support specific hardware, writing device drivers is job of the hardware manufacturer and not the c++ language standards committee. I guess from your comment you know little if anything about either c or c++ ?

I've been studying c++ for the past 2 months and now I'm studying a code that deals with accessing the dvd-driver using scsi-3 multi media commands. I'm currently researching about the related topics, and one of it is the spti. :)

I think you need to spend a lot more time learning the c++ language before attempting to do that sort of suff, unless of course you are very very intelligent and have already mastered the language basics.

I've been having troubles understanding some of the hardware stuffs. *sigh*. No choice, I don't want to lose this opportunity of having a nice project. I have a question. Given 1 week, will you be able to document the whole code and trace it? I mean, it is my first time to handle c++ and linux. Or am i just too slow?

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