Hi guys,

Long time no see.
Anyways, need help like always.

Actually since the past two years i have been simply neglecting C++ due to my pressing commitments with ASP.Net and suddenly i feel like doing programming in C++ all over again.

What i need is a startup project (Intermediate level) that will help me brush up C++.
Can anyone be kind enough to suggest..

Thanks in advance..

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there are some posts about optimizing c++ that might come in handy too... just search for them...


Thanks a lot guys..
This was really what i needed.

Can you also suggest a mediocre project with GUI that can be done in say a month's duration and would be interesting to do.


i want to do some mini projects using c++. can anyone please help me ??????????????.pls..................

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The guy who posted right before you said he will.
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