I have absolutely no VB experience. Just yesterday I taught myself some basics enough to code a series of prompt boxes following a model in an Excel textbook. I'm at work and I need some help.

I built a work book that takes inputs, calculates and then produces an output. The output has 3 catergories each of which is an IF conditional with 4 options (exceeding, meeting, below, alert.) The focus of the output is a 4th catergory which is an aggregate of the prior 3 and it is also in the same 4 option scheme. The aggregate is a rating given to the firm to which the workbook is dedicated to.

What I am looking to do is build a VB macro command button to take the firm name and put it in another worksheet in a specified location based upon the aggregate rating it has been given. Every time the original VB macro runs at its conclusion it will put the firms name in the appropriate spot as to create a clear set of firms that fall within each category of exceeding, meeting, below, or alert. The addition of subsequent firm names should be added directly below the one in its category that came before it.

I really tried my best to explain this in the simplest way possible. I admit that having no tangible knowledge of the problem and desired solution the description will come off as very abstract. Once again, I have no programming experience what so ever (I am a Marketing major) so I can't really provide you with any starter code that I'm working on. Thanks very much to all those who attempt to help.



I'll try and give you some pointers to get you started and then maybe you can come back with some more questions.

Firstly I try and do the job in Excel manually, before trying to write a macro, because if you can do it manually then in Excel you can build the macro to follow your steps.

Secondly in this case, if I understand it you enter a firm in sheet plus some form of calculation. This then needs copying to the other sheet with the result of the calculation, an the list sorted based on the calculation. Is that correct ?

If so I would go to second sheet, then move all rows from row 2 downwards one row (This assumes you have a header row). Then copy and paste special the firms name and calculated results from the first sheet into the blank row.

Then do a data sort on the two columns.

How does that sound