Does anyone know how place an applet in full screen without any kind of bordering or buttons so that the applet starts at 0,0 of the screen and goes all the way to the opposite corner.
Now I know how to get a window into full screen using: GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice().setFullScreenWindow(Window win)
but either I have to deal with the annoying window frame or I get some weird result.

Can anyone help?

for security reasons applets won't let you do that.

Is there any class that allows me to have borderless window where I have full control of what's displayed, have listeners and be able to cover the whole screen?

I'm basicaly trying to create a menue screen that takes up the whole screen.

If your wondering what I'm trying to create... I'm creating something similar to a media center, but with a bunch of other functions that media centers don't usually have.


Well I was just thinking of what I said and I was wondering if I can create my own Frame class that doesn't have minimize, maximize or anything at all; just empty space from one point to another.

not in an applet.
The border and icons are provided by the browser and cannot be changed for security reasons, so as to prevent people from tricking users into thinking they're seeing a window from an application on their machine instead of an applet.

Well I don't need to use an applet in particular, I just need control of the graphics for whole frame, but I'm guessing there's just no way to get rid of that frame.

boolean undecorated = this.isUndecorated();

with this code in java swing you can hide the frame

Thanks a lot, I was thinking it was hopeless at this point. So with the frame gone I can have the applet start at the upper corner?


I haven't tried any of it yet, but what's with the sigh, jwenting?

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