here is a new thread for me..;)

I have some duplicate records on table, fields are ecode, ename, desig.
some records in ename are same, BUT ecode are different, i just want to do that when i click

ename on datacombo it should gives msg for ecode. e.g

ecode ename
101 yasir
102 raqib
103 nabil
105 yasir
109 hamaz
106 raqib

in datacombo its show all records, when i click yasir, it show 101, when i click next in

last yasir it again show 101, it should show 105. same as raqib, it show 102, and last

click on raqib it again show 102 not 106




System will not understand that, u have to code for it, Keep a Boolean Variable and Open a new recordset and have another button for "FindNext"..


I think it is the code inside the next click that is bringing the same record again. Inside the next click, what presently searching is the first occurance of your Yasir, or whatever name. Instead of it, your datacombo should move to the next occurance of yasir in the combo.


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