I am using Data Reports in Visual Basic. How Serial Number is insert on the data reports ??

like this....

S.No Name City
1. Asif Islamabad
2. Mahmood Rawalpindi
3. Khalid Lahore
4. Yasir Karachi


Data Reports Can Not show Serial Numbers. One way around in Use a Temporary Table With "Auto-Generated" Field , populate that table and print Reports. Auto generated Numbers will be in Serial.
Once populated next time when u Delete and populate new records the auto-number Field will not reset.
For that, u will have to Drop and Re-Create the field thru Code.
Or drop and Re-Create the Whole Table.


hmmm,, this is not a proper way to insert serial number, by creating a seprate table and giving auto number etc., however in my case my database is very heavy to create and drop seprate table again and again. Anybody call tell me the exact to resolve this problem.??