Hi everybody,

Recently our team in office has developed a Display System which shows movie trailor(media player),poster(image),scrolling

text(label).WE dsigned a windows form,placed these controls and we are able to display it.This design is for 1 layout which

is already predefined,everytime the design is in same layout.

But now our PM wants to do something different he want to design Layouts i.e. the layout has to be created

dynamically(different templates),ie the user can place the control anywhere in the form.
For eg: image on top,video in bottom.Another layout with only image,another layout with only media..like that

The user can drag & drop the controls ,delete the controls and save the layout.Like that n number of layouts can be designed.
I tried creating layouts dynamically by giving options for choosing the controls,using the location corodinates i can even

place the controls in the form and saving the setting in an xml file and later i can retrieve it for display.using this

technique i can create n number of layouts.

But it seems our PM not satisfied.
He wants to enable drag and drop facility.

If anybody can come out with any suggestions will be highly appreciated.Pls Help.
If the query is unclear pls let me know.

Thnks & Rgds
Vinay V