Hello Everyone, I need help in Accessing Website through VB6.

I want to login in a site, the username and password of the site are accepted in two textboxes.

Anyone have any idea how to go for it!!!

I would think that would be next to impossible to do without knowing the commands to send to the web site since every web site is different. You'd probably have to download the page that contains the user id and password edit boxes, parse it, and pass back whatever it is supposed to return to the server when the submit button is pressed. I'm not a web programmer so I don't know much more than that about it.

Hello Ancient Dragon, thanks for ur reply.
I do know the site on which i have to log on and it's gonna be same for all the users of my application, I just want the Help, how to go for it.

I just want to know :
1) HOW TO DOWNLOAD the Site in VB6???
2) How to PARSE it???
3) And what control to use, WebBrowser or Inet Control????


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