Could someone point me to a tutorial on how to write a vbscript that will auto install software when the user logs on?

I will be applying this to a GPO.
Also, will I need a (not sure if this is the right name for it) answer file/script to attach to it for silent installs?

If you can't tell... I'm new to scripting.

Also, could someone show me a good book to buy for beginners?

I was looking at the Microsoft VBscript step by step... but wanted to get your opinions.

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Erm this is not vbscript which is entirely different. And if you want to auto install software I'd also look into .bat files and the .msi installer, which a lot of miscrosoft products ship with i.e office outlook etc.

of course they're not the same... but wrong forum? where's the right one then, since it was obviously worth giving me bad rep...

I mean I did put "new to scripting".....

Try posting it in JavaScript forum or the VB4/5/6 forums. They should help you out.

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>Try posting it in JavaScript forum or the VB4/5/6 forums.

Erm no, since when is vbscript javascript?

In fact for silent installs all you need to do is add a bat file which contains the path to the msi installer on a server or remote place on the network. Give it the correct switches and away you you.

Do a google search for more info.

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