Hi everyone. Am Tonnie and i got problem with my vb-access program i am trying to develop. When my program is in a flash disk it is running very well but when i copy it in a CD it is giving me an error shown below.Please i would like to know what might be the problem. I am new in VB6.0. Please if possible you can modify it for me. Check the files of the program itself attached. Please i need it urgently. I will appreciate much if i can get the feed back today. Error on attachment is error jpeg. The password to the program is walba. And user name is walba. Attached file is Zip.

ok let me check

ok let me check it first

where is the zip file

it shows only the JPG file as attachment.

make sure you dont have access open while running it

of course it will occur an error because you vb are locked it only in read-only. try to open your vb and you'll that your forms and projects are locked.

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