hey dude,
I need help regarding my project. Its about creating a program of a vending machine. It said i must include these in the vending machine system menu
a) Replenish the system
b) Buy Drinks
c) Transaction Report
d) Quit
>> Enter Choice : X
I wish to know what i should do, what a vending machine program include or any websites to help me with. Thanks. Hoping for a reply.

Hi everyone,
i am not very sure what you need to do but here is most of the main part of the program

Void main(void)
char a;
printf("a. Replenish the system\n");
printf("b. Buy Drinks\n");
printf("c. Transaction Report\n");
printf("d. Quit\n");
printf("Enter Choice :  ");
case 'a'://Do what you want
case 'b'://Do what you want
case 'c'://Do what you want
case 'd':exit(0);
default://Do what you want

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

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haha thanks thanks .. but i got a problem ... the C++ i learnt in sch taught us to use using namespace std; #include <iostream.h> isit a very old format ? or it is a more useful tag than using namespace std; ??

eRmz and oh if u guys need to take a look of the actual question of the project u can find it in the attachment. Well thanks . I think i will carry on with the program .. :D

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