I am making a script in Which FTP has to run automatically rather than providing user and password manualy...i just want to know the status that the file i am sending after FTP starts is reached successfully of not to destination by making a logfile ...which shows it is successful or not....if u have any thing related to it u can share...it's needed..

vikas katara

hey u junk people out there......do u have any solution of this.....Coders......just hell .......

Well this is guaranteed to get you answers.

Have you never heard of Google?

Or even the command "man ftp", since that, itself, describes the .netrc file and your "logfile" can be simple output redirection ">".


Don't bother sending me PMs. My last post was in response to your rude second post, but it does contain information that you can use to create what you want, we are not going to do it for you.

Google a bit, man ftp and read the .netrc file section. Then try to create your script. If you have problems post your script here and you will get help, but simply saying, "Give me t3h codez!" does not cut it.