hi, i made a program it works fine on my computer but if I try to run it on other computer it has an error "Run Time Error 429 Active-x Can't Create Object", OS is XP, already installed the runtime files, and someone advice me to install the latest IE but still doesn't work..any idea from you guys, how to solve the problem..Thanks in advance...

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You haven't included a control in your project that isn't available on the target machine?


Have you Created a Set-Up package for ur project using "Package and Deployment Wizard" ?
U run that and copy the exe/reports/db to target machine, then it will work fine..


Installing runtime files will not solve your problem in some circumstances. Such is that probably you have used a third party activex control that is not installed in the system directory(In case of XP it is System32)of your operating system or such a control which is newer than what is your operating system presently has. Copy and paste the activex control(which is not installed)to the System32 folder. You'll find this folder under windows directory in the root drive of your os. After this click start->run and pass the following command :-

regsvr32 %systemroot%\system32\<your activex control name.ocx>

Hit enter. This will register the activex control in your XP os. After this your os will be able to create object of the said control. If possible just logoff and then login to the machine. Run the project by clicking .exe file. Your program will be run this time without having any problem.

hi, Qveen72 it works, I just used the Package Deployment Wizard thanks for all your help guys...

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