I am looking to develop a program which will print the data (the data will be fetched from the database server) on the preprinted stationary. The stationary will be a scanned image and it will be imported in the program and the relevant text will be placed on the preprinted stationary using the program..The scanned image can vary in size and format and i also need to select and modify the printer setting from the program itself..
any help will be appreciated..
thanks in advance

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I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I'm assuming that your wanting the text to start below the graphics that are on the stationary. This will involve pixel differentiation. (determining the contrast of pixels to determine the border). If you could provide a real life scenario, that would help.



Actually my requirement is that there is a preprinted form and i have to put some text at the relevant places on that form.U can think of an admission form and reservation form..the text will be fetched from the database..so what i was thinkin is to develop a tool (something like Any Form or FormFiller) in which we can put the scan image of the form and put the text at the places (like what we do in Crystal Report..we select the fileds from the table or view and put them in the window of crystal report)..currently we are using Crystal Report along with Front end in Vb but the issue is that everytime the form is of different format and size so everytime we have to modify the rpt file of Crystal report to make it align with the form..so i was thinkin that this tool will make this process easy..
I hope its cleat..if not then do let me know..i think what u mentioned about pixels..i have to do the same but i am not aware of playing with pixels of an image through VB..


I think I understand more of what your wanting. Your wanting an preview (image) of the form so that you can place the fields in the exact location without a lot of guess work. Am I correct? With that in mind, I can tell you that there's no quick answer to this issue. It will take a significant amount of code to accomplish what you wanting to do. I would love to help you but I am tied up with several projects of my own. Bring in another programmer if you have to.

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