Hello EveryOne,

Im Thiyagu Junior Java developer, can any one help me for design pattern or idea to develop HTTP monitor in Java.
The objectives of HTTP monitor is
- to log/view all URLs that is requested or visited by the system user via webrowser.
- it can be a standalone application that monitor local system where it is running.
- it can be a server application that monitoring all LAN workstations
by installing it in Sever machine.

I have some idea that it can be done using Java Socket Programming, but I think its not enough to me and I want help from you all.


Well, if your company were to use a proxy server that the other machines would have to use to reach the internet, you would already have this information.

correct. And if not you're describing a proxy server :)

don't hijack threads started by others.

Im not assigned this in company, this is my own interested work, I need to do this. And assume that there is no proxy server and I want to do the above objectives. I need help from you all.


no, we're not going to help you write spyware.