hi, we are group of students in faculty of computer and Information sciences, we were searching for an idea for our graduation project, we read this idea "compiler from microjava to java", ,we can't understand actually what it should do exactlyIf anyone have experience or researches in this career, or can help us by an kind of help we will be so greatfull
Thanks in advance

so you liked the sound of it but haven't got a clue what it actually is?
Why not ask the person who wrote the proposal?

Or maybe find something that you do actually understand?

Or maybe find something that you do actually understand?

I second this.

If I could get more information from who gives me this idea, I won't post this thread
I have more Ideas that I can undersand And implement, BUT I am asking about microjava compiler, If any one has experience in this career or has an idea about it, we need your help
else, don't waste your time by this replys because this iisn't what I am asking for

weird "university" where there's noone to shed light on project proposals...

Sounds more like a lack of willingness to admit to your teacher that you've no clue to me.

And oh, there's already a "MicroJava compiler", it's included with the SDK.

Mariam87 unfortunately in 2 years which I'm with this forum I did not see anybody discusing microjava. We do see sometimes some random question asking for imediate help andthese posts get unanswered, then once a while there is a simple question regarding some coding issue which can be solved by looking into API and finding that given method does not exist in micro edition and person was just little confused.
However I will recommend to go and search for forum which is specialy into java micro, you may get some answers on java sun website and maybe on mobile makers development forums ( I think I seen SonyEricsson running one, but not sure)

What I THINK (s)he's looking at is a crosscompiler, but with such a vague and cryptic description it's impossible to tell.