I have a problem in my application which executes end to end in the first run. But if I terminate abruptly, and try to run again, I get runtime error 7 out of memory.
This error is on Load of form. The code in Form_Load() is:

Private Sub Form_Load()
'simple logic to enable check box
End Sub

On successful loading of form an ocx control is to be loaded. Can the problem be because of this ocx?

I've tried setting this ocx object to nothing before form load.

Please help,

Re: VB6 Runtime error 7 Out of memory 80 80


How r u loading the ocx...?
Why cant u simply place the ocx control on the from Toolbox at design time...?


Re: VB6 Runtime error 7 Out of memory 80 80

The ocx is placed in the design time.

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