Hi All

I want to implement "FIX protocol" The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol using java technology

can any of you please guide me what are the things i need to know in java to implement this. and any further help from where i can get to know more about it or any IDE that can be useful in this direction

Please please do reply if u know anything

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Sumeet Taneja

An IDE isn't going to help you any if you don't know Java, so learn that first :)

And get a good protocol document on FIX (and make sure it's for the right version of FIX, there are several in use).

After that, the actual parsing and generation shouldn't be rocket science, the tricky part is usually determining what to do with the information once you've extracted it.

Hi Jwenting

Your answer was really not at all helpful to me , First of all i Know Java Language and that's why i am trying to implement this in Java

Secondly i didnt asked for any code i just asked that i am gonna work on it so befor actually starting working on it what shall i brush up in Java...........

Its ok you dont know the ans but i never mean to answer the way you have written

Ok in future if someone ask you abt FIX then just tell him to go throuh JMS


Sumit Taneja

Well, what the h3ll do you think you need to know?! God, it's not (as he said) rocket science. Geesh. Study the protocol. I myself, have no idea what the protocol looks like, but I assume it will be (in the basic form) text streamed over TCP/IP. So, obviously, you need networking (TCP/IP) and String handling (probably regex as well as some more basic functions). But God, read the protocol, and if you know Java at all, as you claim to do, it should be more than enough to get you started.

Edit: And, more than likely SSL, so study the JSSE as well, of course.

kid seems hypersensitive...
Nowhere did I say anything about someone else not doing his work for him, yet he defends himself stating he isn't asking for that.

Which makes me wonder, as his words are pretty much standard issue for kids who do want others to do their work for them.
So will that be the next question, after we magically provide him with a document he should be able to get from his data suppliers (and should, as there's no way to know which version of the protocol he's going to have to code to, nor which fields in the records will be of relevance or even filled at all).

I've seen the protocol document (though not read it, implementing it was someone else's job). It's not thick, probably no more than 40 pages and most likely less.

Why can't we all just get along? :-(

- The Sergeant