Alright, I have an MCSE and A+ education, but nothing is as confusing as script for VB. Well, I take that back it can be pretty simple but sometimes I just can't see the forrest for the trees. I'm trying to copy the data from a text box named creditbox in form1 and copy into the text box named creditbox in form2 how can I do that? I dont know where to start, but I want it to be copied over as soon as form2 is opened. Both forms will be kept opened so I need a button that can retrieve the data later as well. Please Help!

form2.creditbox = form1.creditbox

This is no problem but take note the for every control that you have there must be a parent reference that is for the first form form1 when you type form1.text1.text that will give you all the content of the textbox then when you want the content in the next textbox then you equate it to the next textbox that is form2.text2.text= form1.text1.text this will give the textbox it content NB this method is allicable to other control in VB and with that your can do and Undo OK

form2.creditbox = form1.creditbox

Put this in your form_load event of form2
put a commandbutton on the form and put this code in the command_click event

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