hello peeps

We are currently trying to catch the little jobbie who keeps printing swastikas form a variety of printers on the school network - anyone got any ideas how to force the network to stick the username of the printing user at the bottom of each document printed?


whoops - what a poorly designed post - well - running win2k advanced server on a 6-server system - no dedicated print server - no special print software - that help any?

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OK - I am reposting this thread as I believe I may have placed it in the wrong forum to begin with.

Is it possible to programmatically capture a print job and append additional print data to the end of it? I am thinking specifically of using either a script or an app which grabs the print job before it is spooled and add data to the end to create a little footer where relevant info can be shown. For example, user (a) on workstation (b) in suite (c) sends his MS Paint doodle to printer (d) in suite (e) - (despite repeated instructions to only send jobs to printers in the local suite) - now - if my lil prog can make sure that his printout contains all the details of who he is, where he was, and when he did it - I can finally figure out who to remove all network and email privileges from. he he he -- (evil face):evil:

anybody got any ideas? is this even possible?

please note - I dont want you to do the work or write the code for me - just need to know if it can be done (and maybe a lil idea how to start wouldnt hurt):D

That is called a banner - and its already built into Windows, and Novell. In the printer properties, just find the place were it says "print a banner" and check it ;-).

OK - I am reposting this thread as I believe I may have placed it in the wrong forum to begin with.

I merged your two threads.

Does banner printing print out an extra page at the end of each job? The network is part of a scondary school and as a result resources are severely limited. Also, as many jobs are one page only, this would mean a significant increase in printing overheads....

Sorry if it seems like I'm asking for the moon on a stick....

I kinda like the idea of scoring the brownie points by coding for it too....

also - thanks cscgal for the thread merge - is that something I can do for myself next time? (how?)

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