hi every one I am evry new to vb.net I want to have brows pictures in my form and I have made a menu and a view option I got a code from the ney but it is not wroking here it is:
If DidWork <> DialogResult.Cancel Then
strFileName = openFD.FileName
PictureBox1.Image = Image.FromFile(strFileName)
End If

where I dont know what is"DidWork"
and if u know have any other idea of how I can do it please let me know thanks in advanced

Re: browsing photoes 80 80

according to this link DidWork is integer variable

Dim DidWork As Integer = openFD.ShowDialog()

so in this line

If DidWork <> DialogResult.Cancel Then

u make sure that user did not choose cancel button in OpenFileDialog

i hope thats help u :)

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Re: browsing photoes 80 80

thanks really it worked.

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