i have 1 prob. i created 1 desktop database application. which i wanted to deploy on the client machine. my client machine dosent have sql server installed on it , neither .net framework is there.
so i used setup and deployment project for creating the setup for my application.
in that, we have option as prerequisits , with which we can add the supports which we want on the client machine.
so , when i installed setup on my client machine then if .net framework is absent on it
then it will automatically install .net framework but if sql server (the server which is supported by 2005 visual studio- profissional or express edition ) is absent then it will not automatically get install.
when i installed my setup, it gives me microsoft sql express edition EXE and EXE for .net framework. but i dont want to install it mannualy rather it have some licence related problems.

if u dont have sql server u can't run database project on client.
so can u plz. tell me regarding above problem or the alternate solution for it?

thanks and regards

MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine) or Microsoft SQL Express and .net framework 2.0 is free.. you won't enforece your client to pay additional fees.

Client don't need to have SQL Server in your case rather to have SQL Express Edition, what you should do is to attach db while installing and that's!

First check to see if SQL client tools are installed on the machine (I use the registry), then use teh instructions on the SQL Install DVD or visit MSN for instructions on how to automate an installation of the SQL Express Edition.