Hello Everyone, I'm doing a Project for Touch Screen.
I have Designed an ON SCREEN KEYBOARD. My Problem is that "How can i Enter Text through my On-Screen K/B????"

For Example : Suppose User Click the Button "A" on "On-Screen K/B" Form then I want "A" to be typed in TextBox of Other Form Say FrmEmployee. and this i want continous as the user clicks buttons on On-Screen Form, the Text is Typed in the textbox on FrmEmployee.

I have done so far in my project :
1) I have the Name of the Current Form Opened (Beside On-Screen K/B)
2) Name of the SetFocused TextBox on the Opened Form.

Just don't know how to put all this together in one function, so that it works fine!!!! :(

Thanks in Advance



Touch screen is nothing but Mouse-Click. Add command buttons on the form with Caption='A', 'B', C and so on. In command click event write this code:

text1.text =Text1.Text & command1.Caption

In above code, replace command1 with the name of all the command buttons. u can simplify this, Create an array of Command buttons and write the code,.


Hi Veena, Thanks for the Reply, But as It was very Urgent, I made up the Code mySelf and my Problem was far more complex than the solution you suggested!!! :D

I'll Soon Post a Sample Project on this Forum, So that other's will Also be Benefited.

Anyway, Once Again, Thanks a Lot for the Reply.

Best Regards

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