Dear All,
I have windows based delphi application.For reporting part.I am using Quick Report 4.0.I printing through my application.It will show the print preview no problem.After prview i am printing means.It will show the message floating point division by zero after this message.Cann't print anything.Pls help me how to solve this problem.Advance thanks to alll.
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i'm not sure if i create the preview and after the preview is made you're trying to print the report??

also post the error message.

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Dear Radu,
Thank for your reply.It will show the preview no problm.After printing the preview.It will show this error floating point division by zero.After nothing happend.Even i can't see printer pending job also.

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from what i understand your code is correct, because the preview is showed, so i don't think exist problems of initialization in your code.
for this error there are some posibilities:
1) a bug in quickreport, which is verry probably
2) try to reinstall printer and the quick report
3) i think you can follow through breakpoints and watches the code in deep, to see what's happening in quick report component.

i know it's verry hard to debug an component like quick report but i no see other solutions.