i have to pass caption of a label to the data report label
can i do it



Re: urgent-data report 80 80


Create a module and initiate a variable as public ex:
Public lblCap as String.

Now on the form that contains the label, and on the button event that will open the report add:
lblCap = Me.label1.caption (where label is the label on form)

and once the report is opened add on activiate event the following:
Me.Label2.caption = lblCap (where label2 is the label on report)

Re: urgent-data report 80 80

If your label in the datareport is in the section2 then

DataReport1.Sections(section2).Controls("Label1").Caption="My Report"
Re: urgent-data report 80 80

ohhh thank you jureh

but today time up

will try it tomorrow

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