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I am want to write a small program that runs in the background, which means that it has no user interface, and runs all the time, something like a process. The program does a single task: it reads barcode values from a barcode machine attached to the computer and inserts that value into a database or text file, nothing more. So the program listens all the time for user input and inserts it in a database or text file. I have no idea how to start. I tried reading about console applications in Visual Studio 2005 but did not get to anything. How do you create programs that run in the background and wait for userinput or barcode machine input or whatever.

Any idea could help
Thanks alot

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While you can make it complicated as a library and run it in the background as a service, there is much simple way. Just develop a visible regular interface in any language and set the property showintaskbar to false and visible to false on the form load. Now compile your application, and put it in a safe place and add the shortcut of it to startup folder in start menu. Then the application will run every time computer runs, you will not see it but if you go to task manager you will find it there.

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But how do you capture input from keyboard if the program is running in the background and does not have the focus?
I need code in VB.NET but any ideas are welcomed.

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if there is no user interface then no need to create an interface at all. What u need to do is create a windows service.

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