Hi,I am developing an inventory system and want it to be used in a networked environment.I have given it some thought but i am stuck.I have not done this before so i will greatly appreciate all the help.So is this possible- for the system to be used on multiple machines yet access the same database and reflect all the changes dynamically without compromising security of the data?Can it be implemented in access?if yes,how?thanx all

Re: problem with a system 80 80

yes it can be done,try research on the winsock component,that will make your study done.I have used this component on a networked system.You can share database and files to different computers.

Re: problem with a system 80 80

Hi,I have done some research on the winsock but well i really do need more stuff.So can u help me ,maybe an example would be more appropriate for me in this case.Thanx

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