Hello everybody,

does anybody have some experiences with scanners or other imaging-hardware?
I am now looking for several weeks for good introductions in this topic, but so far, I couldn't find anything useful apart from the EZTwain packet that costs money.

Maybe you have a hint how to use the twain.dll or the MS interface. I don't want to write a big imaging suite but just implement a simple scanning tool in my programme that makes

Thanks for all responses.

Re: Scanning (with TWAIN) 80 80

The only two I have worked with are manufactured by Symbol Technologies and Intermec. Both cost several hundred $$$.

Re: Scanning (with TWAIN) 80 80

There is xsane for windows http://www.xsane.org/xsane-win32.html free and open source, this can be used separately or together with gimp.

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