When button is pressed from Forms of MS-Access, a file open dialogue box is displayed. I need the VB code.

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which vb code u need

code to open a File open dialogue box by pressing button. through this, one can load different files in the textbox.


Use "Microsoft Common Dialog Control " , add it from Projects>Components:
"Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0"

add it to form and in command Click :

    FileName = CommonDialog1.FileName

Set "Filter" property to filter particular File extensions


Thanks for ur help.

thanks for help

What would be the code if log book is maintained by the secretary of the company to calculate and manage the leave days taken by the employees. The secretary is able to view the information of an employee except their salary remuneration. The basic principle of the company is that each employee is allowed to take 30 days of paid leave per annum. The system does not allow an employee to take more than 30 days of leave.

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