Hey all!

A industrial psycologist friend of mine asked me to find a way to look at an array of numbers (presented in an excel spreadsheet - 1 number per cell) and find the CELL with the highest value.

I thought i could do this by selecting the array and giving it a name and then importing that to VB and do a simple search to find the highest value and store its position. I would then return the position of the highest value, but I'm struggling with using the datasets.

What would be really great is if someone could show me how i could just enter the starting and ending points of the array (like what one would do when using a built-in function, i.e. =sum(A1,A10) to return the sum of all the values from cell A1 to cell A10, but instead it could be something like =highest_cell(A1,A10) and might return A5, for instance) and importing it like that instead of selecting all those cells and naming the dataset.

I'd appreciate any help with this

hai looney,
to find the greatest of all the 10 arrays use
( start searching from 1 to 10
dr="select * from table where id>=10"
try,something similar like this -i hope it helps u up....