Hey all!

A industrial psycologist friend of mine asked me to find a way to look at an array of numbers (presented in an excel spreadsheet - 1 number per cell) and find the CELL with the highest value.

I thought i could do this by selecting the array and giving it a name and then importing that to VB and do a simple search to find the highest value and store its position. I would then return the position of the highest value, but I'm struggling with using the datasets.

What would be really great is if someone could show me how i could just enter the starting and ending points of the array (like what one would do when using a built-in function, i.e. =sum(A1,A10) to return the sum of all the values from cell A1 to cell A10, but instead it could be something like =highest_cell(A1,A10) and might return A5, for instance) and importing it like that instead of selecting all those cells and naming the dataset.

I'd appreciate any help with this

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hai looney,
to find the greatest of all the 10 arrays use
( start searching from 1 to 10
dr="select * from table where id>=10"
try,something similar like this -i hope it helps u up....

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