hi!!!!! i need help to improve my java knowledge.. im very weak in this programming subject n this is one of my important subjects tht im learning in college right now. please advice me or show me a way to start from scratch.

thank u!!!!


Hi rita, I can recommend two books to purchase :

1. Java In Two Semesters (ISBN: 0077098048)
This book is excellent for starters, I would highly recommend this book! It may take time to complete the exercises in the book, but its all worth it at the end.
I would rate this book 9/10.

2. Java How to Program DEITEL & DEITEL(ISBN: 0130341517)
This book is also good for starters and can be used as a reference book.
It not only teaches you java but the necessary software designing skills.
There might be an updated version of this book
I would rate this book 9/10.