Hi friends,
I designed a simple application based on MCQ's with Access as Database and DAO as the method to connect to the database.
The problem is that the application is working fine on my system but on any other system it is giving an error
"ActiveX object can't create object"
Can anyone help.
thanks in advance

Its "ActiveX component can't create object"

u just register the ocx files in to ur new system

Thanks but can you please tell me how to do that I mean I am very much new to programming and really dont know about how to set different configurations.
Hope you will help me out

If you are receiving errors about an ocx file, registering the file may solve the problem. To register an ocx file simply follow the simple steps below.

1.Locate the file using windows explorer or My Computer. Alternatively search for the filename.

2.Hold down the shift key and right click on the file. Then click 'Open With...' from the menu.

3.An 'Open With' dialog box should appear. Click the button 'Other...'.

4.Navigate to your windows\system32 directory and select the file 'RegSvr32.exe'. Do a file search for it if you have trouble locating the exact folder. On Windows 2000 it is typically located in c:\WINNT\System32. Click Open to select the file. Then click OK on the 'Open With' dialog.

5.You should see a message indicating the file was successfully registered. If you see an error message, try restarting your computer and going through the above process again.

other way

Go to the Run item on the Start menu, and type:

regsvr32 <path & filename of dll or ocx>

ex: regsvr32 /s MSMAPI32.OCX

otherwise go thru this article


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