how do i send a multidimensional char array to a function.

i try assigning values like this :

char ChrArrayAttributes[2][20];

and then sending it like this:


when i compile it gives a warning:

Test.c:115: warning: passing arg 3 of `WriteValues' from incompatible pointer type

and when i debug with gdb debugger, just before entering into WriteValues function, it gives segmentation fault. It never enters in.


WriteValues function is here:

void WriteValues(char * sDBName, char * sTableName, char * ChrArrayAttr[])
      int i = 0;
      /* Trying to write values TIME and IDENT to the screen */
      for(i=0; i<2; i++)


Re: sending address of multidimensional char array to a function 80 80

> void WriteValues(char * sDBName, char * sTableName, char * ChrArrayAttr[])
There are several compatible declarations for passing a 2D array - one of them is really easy.

void WriteValues(char *sDBName, char *sTableName, char ChrArrayAttributes[2][20] )

void WriteValues(char *sDBName, char *sTableName, char ChrArrayAttributes[][20] )

void WriteValues(char *sDBName, char *sTableName, char (*ChrArrayAttributes)[20] )

The first is dead easy, you simply copy/paste the declaration of the array you want to pass, into the parameter position of the function you want to pass it to.

The occasional compiler / tool will fuss over the specification of the major dimension, but it's easy to remove with a quick edit.

As with any other array parameter, you just use the array name (like you do now).

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