hi every one:
I have binded some data which I have connected through DATA BASE wizard of OLeDB in a comboBOX AND now i want to add queries to select distict values . i have entered the query
select DISTINCT[name of my field] from table_name

but I get the following error while clicking the OK botton
"theschema returned by the new query differs from the base query"

any idea to help me.?

Re: query insertion in vb.net 80 80

select DISTINCT[[B]name of my field[/B]] from table_name

the reason is this query differ from the orginal one . The name of my field must be the same in all queries

Re: query insertion in vb.net 80 80

Hello apchidara...

if u could put the QUERY CODES dat u use in ur program maybe i could determine what problem u have.

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