I am currently developing audio player project in vb6.
i have downloaded a dll file named "WinampPluginWrapper.dll"
i make this dll file methods inherit from vb class. But i try
to execute the file i got error that " WinampPluginWrapper.dll" not
Then i Placed this dll file available to the application in all ways
like in system32, app path, system registry path. But i got same error
dll file not found.

Can any one tell me? how to make the dll file available to my
application. Please reply soon anyone.

Re: vb6- dll file not found? 80 80

u can try this method.

within vb6 ide goto project->references
click browse and move to the location where u have saved the dll file.select the file and click ok.

u will see the file is added in the ref. list with a check marks on. now click ok.

now ur project should have no problem to access to this file.

hope this work

Re: vb6- dll file not found? 80 80

Place the file in system32 and register the DLL with windows using the REGSVR32 key.

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