I have a project on my hand which is needed to be written in vb.net, which is to create a vb.net installer to install client and host.The host will have the ability to shutdown all host computer in the network ,lock the computers in screensaver mode and also prevent user from typing during locked screensaver mode.moreover in the host installer the script will check for input from keyboard and mouse if there not input for more than 2hrs it will auto shutdown.Client installer will load on startup but however host will be able to start the program when he deem it needed. I hoping someone will point me in the right way with references and webs with tutorial on achieving this as most web has tutorials but not to the point where i needed it. I would also like if guidelines how how am i to start this project.references to books will be greatly welcomed.Thx in advance and for your time in reading this

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ru beginner-if yes dont go with such a rustic projects!always go with small things(then once u feel confident ,then u proceed to type of project.which u have mentioned!)....

not really a beginner but able to write complex coding but however i need advice on methods to use and how to really start writing it currently lost as i have no idea on what needed to be used

Very complex problem, probably some sort of tcp/ip programming to send messages from server to client.

Google is you friend here. break the problem up into smaller part, like shutting down a pc from Vb.net etc

currently due to writing the blockinput using user32 but is it possible to block alt+crtl+del or blocking a key off the keyboard thus preventing the alt ctrl and del to disable the blockinput

Thank u

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