I'm not entirely new to Visual Basic--I took a class with vb6 a few years ago. What would be the best (and hopefully cheapest!) way to get up to date and learn some new stuff? What books/websites would you guys recommend?

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If you want to learn the new Visual basic.NET buy the book "Visual Basic 2005 Step By Step" - Its by "Michael Halvorson" of Microsoft Press.

It goes from very basic stuff to advanced (databases, gdi graphics) and has sections on the differences between VB6 and .NET while not getting too bogged down in the boring stuff

Its a very good book. Im 17 and learnt VB from it when i was 15.

Would highly reccomend. I got mine of amazon for the equivilent of less than $40. Includes all the code on CD.

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Hello jbennet...

There r a lot of programming language tools on the market today. but for me i use VB2005, why not try it to ur self since u already have background on vb6,

try this site: http://www.itebookhome.com/

dr's a lot of books there on VB2005

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Whoa, thank you! I've got some brushing up to do :)

commented: i liike ur avatar+nickname! hehe .. all the best .. +3
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