we are final year electronic students we are doing a project involving carbidec++
but we have no idea about it we only know about turbo c++.so please guide us fromthebasics of carbide c++

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Read this I found with google. Apparently that compiler is for a mobile computer, but I don't know for sure.

My guess is that you can forget nearly everything you know about Turbo C++ when working with that compiler. It's a whole different world when working with embedded compilers.


Carbide.c++ is not a compiler. it is an eclipse-based development tool supporting development for the Symbian OS (S60, Series 80 and UIQ). the compiler that is used is a symbian/nokia hack of the gcc 2.95 (there was some talk about moving to gcc 3.0, perhaps this has been done). these gcc versions (6-8 years old) do not have a c++98 standard library; they do not even have the std namespace. they are more or less on par with vc++ 6.0 as far as standard conformance goes, and would not be dramatically different from turbo c++ (95 release).

if you are familiar with visual studio 2003, you could consider using Carbide.vs which gives the same kind of functionality that Carbide.c++ gives via a visual studio plugin. it will definitely perform better than eclipse (which is feature rich; but is also an archetypical java pig).

nokia does provide a fair amount of documentation, tutorials etc. you could start with http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/resources/tools_and_sdks/carbide/ and http://sw.nokia.com/id/cae9ea59-eee0-4b98-aaa2-1b6ecd879222/Carbide_cpp_Introductory_White_Paper_V1_1_en.pdf

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