I am a #rd yr. B.Tech student & want to do projects on C & Linux Shell Programming.It will be of great help if I can be supplied with some project titles for freshers with industry relevence.
Thanking you,

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C++shell for linux
just joking

Hello mikeandike22,
I said "projects on C & Linux Shell Programming". You are right, this seems
conceptual. But I must clarigfy that these two are diff. topics. I like turbo C
programming on Windows. But Linux shell programming
is also quite a bit interesting. I want to do projects on these two topics. But you know I
need some hot topics or at least good ones since my campus interview is only some months away. Bye...

Hey Supra,

This would be a hot topic if you have the experience and the energy for it: Write a linux module that places some routines on the interrupt vector table for timers. Then you could have an accurate timer for which you can send on pulses for pulse width modulated signals to through the parallel port. You can control up to two servo motors using this technique.


Please can any one help me to choose a topic for my final year project in develop an application using java API Strings and with some interface because I will be using database and SQL at the back end cause. Cheers

What is wrong with you? You brought back a 4 year old thread and hijacked it. Do a search on the forum, hundreds of kids have asked for project ideas already. Develop a front-end interface for an e-commerce site.

please can u choose a topic for application project and the language is java and am doing m.sc software engineering this is a main project for us................plz.......

too lazy or too stupid to think for yourself? Which of the two applies to you?
Whichever it is, you don't deserve to get a passing grade.

Which of the two applies to you?

could be both

I think it is ur project... u should think abt idea.. and then u should ask abt help in that direction.. if someone will be giving u any idea it means that will be available somewhere on net... otherwise one will patent it :P

could be both

I was assuming a logical OR, not XOR ;)

our project is hostel mess and billing system please give a ieee title for that

how about 'Hostel mess and Billing System'.
did you notice this thread is 9 years old? I'm pretty sure the OP is no longer looking for a title, so it's pointless to post in this thread anyway.

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