Hey guys,

Big problem. So heres the deal. I am trying to make a program which reads a two dimentional array from a file then prints it out on the screen. The the user inputs a treshold number. What the out put is supposed to be is to find a square in the array given where the numbers inside the square are equal or greater then the treshold that the user inputed.

I did most of the program. I printed the array out to the screen. I can find out what numbers are greter then or equal to the treshold temperature entered.

The problem is i cant create the square.
at the end.. the out put has to look something like this.

The image file entered is of size ___ and starts from this ROW COLM..

how do i do that. if suppose the size is 2 tis means the square has 4 numbers in it.

plzzz do help..

Show us your code so far and the sample input file and what you expect the sample output file to look like.