I need help, im creating a job scheduler which must show the accurate date and time of completion for every order placed .My problem starts when i have to get the date of the last order placed fom the database and i must use the same date to subtact the time it will take to compete the order

Anyone wth sugestions help!!!

Need more information. I'm sorry but I can't make sense of what you want. You say subtract, but don't you mean add? Example get the date from the database for the order, order requires three days shipping so add three days to the order date and that's the completion date.

Give an example of an order date, and then what result you want.

Thanks so much for replying.
well im adding .
Example: the last order was completed on 23/09/2007 15:00:00 and i want to schedule the next order right after the completion date and time.

so if the order takes 10 hours i want an output that show the completion time like:
24/09/2007 01:00
im using a 24hr time interval.
I have to dertemine the time it will take to complete the order based on the ordered units.