Hiii all,

I am sanhita Bhide form australia and doing Graduation In Information Technology. I am doing Vb.Net as one of my subject I am having a project in relation with windows application in Vb.Net in which we are required to build a windows based application for a "Car Auction dealership". I am loocking for some guidlines and some step by step directions to follow and not The Answer so please dont overlooked me as lazy student.

Background: Your company has been contracted to build a Car Auction system that manages Auctions of Cars for a dealership in Sydney. The system has four main parts.

1) a Security system that allows appropriate users limited access to the system.

2) a System that allows employees of the car dealership to create a car auction

3) a System that allows employees of the car dealership to manage auctions

4) a reporting system that allows several reports to be run.
We have been asked to make a database in Access 2003 and utilize the .NET libraries, including ADO.NET, ASP.NET and Windows forms. I would be glad if some one would help me with it.

along with it for the further studies in Vb in which i am not going very well . I would like to have some guidlines about how to start learning it by my self and how to improve my Logic and coding style?

Thanking you , In anticipation

hai sanhita,,
first to make only authorised user to access the application-create login page
with userid& password field...only who has got valid userid is allowed to access next pages of application,,,
2 and 3)once user logs in ..allow him to manage or modify or perform all the actions required for the auction...
4)once all the modifictions are performed on the page .then clicking on the report button on the form.should b able to generate the report..create the report using crystal report.....
And the project which u have chosen is perfect for the beginner..just keep on working on new stuffs.never cut,copy& paste the code-untill and unless u gain experience,,,
keep goin& try to swtch onto vb.net.bcz vb is no more(dont get tensed for getting into vb..always go step by step once ur good in vb then get into vb.net)

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