I have a .exe application and the C++ source code. How do I, using command prompt view the turbo debugger and then view the assembly code for the file? Normally you would just do the following prompts:
assemble convtemp
link convtemp iofar
td convtemp

Than the debugger will open. But thats when you are givin the assembler source, which i do not have have for CONVTEMP. I only am givin the .exe and C++ source code. Can anyone help?

you don't need turbo debuger to view the disassembled program. Every version of MS-Windows since MS-DOS Version 1.0 comes with a free disassembler named debug.exe (located in c:\windows directory). At a command prompt cd to the directory that contains the *.exe program then type this:

c:> debug someprogram.exe <Enter>

debug.exe will load and disassemble to program then display a > prompt. type ? and it will display help. type u and it will disassemble the program. You can even execute the program , set breakpoints, and step through the program one assembly instruction at a time with debug.exe.